Essay about Forgiveness And Its Effects On Everyday Life

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You’re a highschool student walking in the cafeteria with your brand new outfit and stylish new-fangled shoes. So far things couldn’t get better for you. Good grades. Great friends. Fantastic parents. Then out of nowhere, as if somebody had woke up with the fixation of ruining your day, they bump into you and spill that week old sloppy joe that nobody wants all over your decorative attire. Let’s face it, in life, more than likely, you will run across someone that will upset you. how do you take it? Sometimes in a bad way and sometimes in a healthy way, but let’s be honest. Most of us will take it in an unhealthy, self-destructive way by angrily ruminating the thought and triggering a chain of negative effects . When confronted with anger, forgiveness is a strategy that everybody needs to practice because it will benefit you emotionally and physically, but when learning to forgive, one must remember that it takes time and patience. Forgiveness in everyday life is crucial because lack of forgiveness can cause serious health problems that build up over time and because a lack of of forgiveness can affect your relationships in a negative way.

Surprisingly enough, according to Enright, “[s]tatistical analyses showed that those in the forgiveness group reduced more than those in the control group in depression, anxiety, anger, and vulnerability to drug use and increased more in forgiveness and self-esteem .”(“Enright” pg.13). How can that information help someone? Simple.…

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