Essay about Fight Club

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Fight Club

In the book Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk, the narrator is an employee for a travelling car company, who suffers from insomnia. When he asks his doctor for medication the doctor refuses and advises him to visit a support group to witness what suffering really is. The first group the narrator attends is for testicular cancer victims. He finds an emotional release that relieves his insomnia and becomes addicted to support groups. After a flight home from a business trip, the narrator realizes that his apartment was destroyed by a homemade explosion. He calls Tyler Durden, a man who he met on the flight. Tyler and the narrator meet at a bar, and start to fight. They continue to fight, and they start to attract crowds of
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Tyler moved out of the basement where no one had an idea of what fight club was. Now that it has moved worldwide, Tyler’s power over members, (including the narrator) is becoming greater. Tyler’s formation of Project Mayhem gives the narrator no power because he doesn’t know why it was formed and what goal it is trying to accomplish. In the near end of the novel when Tyler and the narrator are standing on a building, Tyler tells the narrator a sentence that makes him realize how Tyler had control over him: “It's getting exciting now, two and one-half. Think of everything we've accomplished, man. Out these windows, we will view the collapse of financial history. One step closer to economic equilibrium” (From the movie). This quote said by Tyler Durden is a significant part of the narrator losing control and gaining it. When Tyler states that “we've accomplished,” the narrator figures out that he had no control over Tyler until he found out that they were the same person. This moment is when the Narrator has a complete psychic breakdown and realizes that he has power over Tyler.

The Relationship that the narrator has with Marla Singer is the root of his problems. Marla Singer always ruined the

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