Fifth Business Women Essay

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Ali Zaidi
Professor Meade
27th April, 2009

The Importance of Women Characters in the Novel Fifth Business
The Fifth Business by Robertson Davies is told in the form of a letter written by Ramsay on his retirement from teaching, “a character essential to the action but not a principal” that was affected by or had an effect on the other characters of the play. The life of Dunstan Ramsay is the backdrop and the thread connecting countless subplots and themes, but as his very evident passion for hagiology sets him out to discover the difference between materialism and spirituality, the actual importance of women is brought about in the novel by his interactions since childhood onwards and we see how these women mould, scar and
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Earlier, in Ramsay’s life, Leola Cruishank was his first crush. He began courting her when his friend and her boyfriend, Percy Boyd Staunton went away for school. They were in love, and she wrote to him when he went away to the war. They planned to marry when he returned home. When he returned though, she was engaged to Percy. When Dunstan returned from Europe, he had discovered both that he did not love Leola, and was worried about how he was going to tell her he was no longer interested, and this worked out perfectly for Ramsay; but he was however, upset that his archenemy got to her, as if it were a competition he had lost. Leola remained a friend, and Protestantism as well as a psychological influence on Dunstan. Later on in the story, Dunstan began to pity Leola, as she began to be more and more just an article that Percy, now called Boy, had collected over the years.
Dunstan's affair with Diana Marfleet does culminate in his rebirth and renaming. His time with Diana matures him and adds to his scope of experience and breadth of understanding. The experience is comparable to the influence of Dunstan's excessive Bible reading during the war; he forms opinions and gains understanding. However, in the end, he does not remain a practicing Christian - just as he does not marry Diana Marfleet.
Eventually, at the “Soiree d’Illusion”, Paul’s magic performance where Liesl was co-owner and mastermind behind the show, Dunstan was

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