Family Similarities And Differences Between My Family And Family

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Family similarities Many families, although diverse in each other can share common things, but do they share communication, the encouragement of individuals, and the commitment to family? Plenty of families who live together or do not can have similarities but, also many families have differences. My family, who love each other very much have 5 members including me, have a strong connection between us. My dad Jamal and my mom Farhana got married in India. My two older brothers, both twins named Faizan and Zeeshan age twenty-six years old. I, born the youngest, eleven years later after them two. Me being the youngest can still help me be extremely close with both of my brothers, but I am closer to my brother Faizan. Even though I was born the latest I, still am equally close to both of my parents even though I have spent more time with my father. Calvin Rosebud’s family who love each other unconditionally, consists of seven people including him. Mandy became his mom and Calvin became his dad. They got married, but later on divorced. Calvin has 3 sisters, Jamie, Amanda, and Tiffany. He also has one brother named Thomas. Calvin became extremely close with his family members. He and Tiffany disagree on everything and Thomas who cannot become close due to his career. My family and Calvin’s family have many roles that have become set such as communication, encouragement of individuals, and the commitment to family.
Showing a sign of communication between families can…

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