Essay about Fahrenheit Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451

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“Judging things by the appearance or as a whole may be different than looking closely at things which may reveal errors, knowledge, or even surprises.” Most people, at first, judge other people or things by the appearance; thus, making unnecessary actions. After they look closely in detail, they see things different causing them to make different reactions both good and bad. This happens with every single thing and as you learn more you get different results which may surprise the examiner. Humans have this bad ability to make judgements and decisions and that habit will never be gone. This patterned routine will be contained in humans in the past, the present, and the future. This is very essential and it describes Bradbury’s trends and the characters in the book Fahrenheit 451. Based on the main trends (drug use and antidepressants, TV, consumerism, and family disintegration) or the possible elements to construct his conclusion, Bradbury’s vision about these trends was correct and incorrect and the value of writing a dystopian literature is the understanding of feelings.

An easy way to change your life is the use of drug or antidepressants. The usage of these drugs makes you relieve depression and change your personally. The reason of using these drugs is an attempt of being and staying happy. “Montag, falling flat, going down, saw or felt, or imagined he saw or felt the walls go dark in Millie’s face, heard her screaming, because in the millionth part of time left, she…

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