Essay Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 Part 2: The Sieve and the Sand Ilana Oleynik

11. Montag’s society programs thoughts so completely that “firemen are rarely necessary”. The firemen are used for burning books, to make sure that no one in the society reads or owns them. The firemen aren’t really necessary because the society already doesn’t read books or seem to care about them. They are in the world of technology and don’t want to gain knowledge or have anything to do with learning new information or facing the real world. Montag’s society programs their thoughts to have fun and be care-free. Books are something they already naturally don’t want to read or think about. This is why the firemen aren’t really necessary.

12. The society’s wall-to-wall
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In this society the only family that people have, other than they live with, are the ones that are located in the walls of their parlors. These characters in the walls are known as family because they are the people that the people living in homes spend the most time with. “The Family” is there to mainly comfort and distract the people in the society from violence and other things that make them unhappy.” The Family” seems to keep the women in this society occupied more than the men, since it seems that the women spend more time at home anyways. The “White Clowns” seem to be an example of propaganda for war. It tells the people in the society what’s taking place, but in a joking kind of way, almost making war fun or entertaining for the society.

18. The oppressive and regimented society grows out of censorship. Montag is a huge influence toward the decline of censorship. His opinions and views really make people think twice about the society they live in. He starts to like books and is fascinated about the information that it displays. Since he is a fireman and his job is to burn books, people start to realize his weird behavior. The society is nothing like a democracy. The government is controlling everything and no one has an opinion on anything. The people are not allowed to read books and really have an education about the world. They are brainwashed by technology. I don’t think this is happening today. We have a lot more freedom and justice. Everyone is

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