Fahrenheit 451 By F. Bradbury Essay

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What would a world look like if there was an over controlling government? Would we be able to love and enjoy the things we do today? In Fahrenheit 451 we can see the affects of an over controlling government.

Fahrenheit 451 is about a fireman named Montag, whose job is to burn books. What Montag was unaware of is why he was tasked with burning these books. He didn 't start asking questions until his encounter with the neighbor girl named Clarissa. Montag was curious about why books were banned and what forbidden knowledge they contained. He stole a book from his last “job” and took it home with him. His captain figured out what he had done and gave Montag a chance to burn the book himself or return it to him. Montag partnered up with an older guy named Faber, who helped him make a copy of the book to try and fool captain Beatty. Mildred, Montag’s wife, called the fire department and ratted Montag out and told him there are still books in their house. Captain Beatty forced Montag burn his own house but what Beatty didn’t know is that Montag hid the books somewhere else. Montag ran away and retrieved the books and ran to Faber’s house. Faber told him to follow the railroad tracks to Saint Louis. That is exactly what Montag did and on this journey Montag met some men who were in the same position. As they are conversing a bomb hits Montag’s hometown of Cleveland. The story ends with Montag and his new companions returning to the city to see what can be salvaged. In…

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