Factors That Affect Job Performance Essay

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Individual Mechanisms There are several individual mechanisms, internal as well as external, that not only affect the employee but the success of the company as well. Managerial principles can be a positive or negative influence on the behavior of employees. The degree of fulfillment that an employee feels toward their job can affect both job satisfaction and motivation. Motivation, or the willingness to exert a certain level of effort toward an assignment can be a major factor that influences job performance. Finally, stress, can significantly affect job satisfaction and personal well-being.
Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction directly related to an employee’s motivation, performance and loyalty. “There are various components that are considered to be vital to job satisfaction. These variables are important because they all influence the way a person feels about their job” (Yip, Goldman & Martin, n.d.). The majority of interviews suggested that the employees were satisfied with their jobs. Appreciation was the number one response to factors that increase job satisfaction, while micro-managing, poor job performance of others and criticism were the common responses to factors that decreased job satisfaction. One interviewee explained that the most important factor that affected his level of job satisfaction was being given the opportunity to hold an upper management position, without having a degree. All subjects seems to be at least somewhat satisfied with their jobs…

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