Essay about Evidence Based Practice in Management of Cancer Pain

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Evidence Based –Health Care and Social Care 2

Critical appraisal of Outcome Measure (BPI) for Cancer related pain and the use of this outcome measure (BPI) in the effective management of Cancer Pain



- Introduction

- Brief Pain Inventory.

- Psychometric Properties of the BPI

- Is BPI user centered?

- Conclusions


- Appendices

Outcome measure is one of the three components of clinical evaluation. The use of outcome measures provides objectivity to anyone interested in the evidence of effectiveness of intervention (Corr and Siddons. 2005). Indeed, it has
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All individual items within the BPI are scored separately; mean pain intensity is obtained by calculating the arithmetic mean of four items on pain intensity, while a measure of pain interference is obtained by calculating the arithmetic mean of seven interference items. Thus, the information gathered by the BPI can easily be interpreted by the nurse or other healthcare professional with only the need for simple calculations (Jrosch-Herold 2005).

The BPI shows good portability. Although originally designed to measure cancer-related pain, this instrument has also been widely used to assess non-cancer pain in a variety of patients. In a study of 250 patients with arthritis or lower back pain, the BPI demonstrated comparable reliability to that observed in studies in patients with cancer-related pain (Keller et al. 2004). When used to assess pain in a study of 255 patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the BPI demonstrated similar psychometric properties to those obtained when the instrument is used in patients with mixed pain conditions (Zeiman et al. 2005). Similarly, when used in a study of 534 patients to assess pain following cardiac surgery, the BPI again showed favourable psychometric properties, further confirming the portability of this instrument (Gjeilo et al. 2007).

Psychometric properties of the BPI
The three psychometric properties which should be examined when assessing any outcome measure are validity,

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