Essay on Euro Disneyland

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Euro Disneyland
1. This research is an excellent example to show how Hofstadter’s four cultural dimension work when Multinational Company decides to do business overseas. Using the Hofstede’s four cultural dimensions as a point of reference, some of the main cultural differences between the United States and France are strong French uncertainty avoidance, high individualism, centralized power structures and lower masculinity scores Uncertainty avoidance index shoes the degree to which people feel threatened by ambiguity. In 1992, Disney opened Euro Disneyland park in Marne-la-Vallee 20 miles east of Paris on what was previously French farmland best known for producing sugar beets and Brie cheese. Euro Disneyland was designed to mirror
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By imposing the Walt Disney appearance code, the Americans insulted French family traditions. Furthermore, another big challenge for Disney was to break French ancient cultural aversions to smiling and being consistently polite to park guest. This in turn shows how different these two countries are.
3. One of the mistakes that company made in managing its Euro Disneyland is that plans were based on Disney’s experiences with the existing theme parks. In addition to that, Disney drew conclusions from the successful development of Disneyland Tokyo which was seen as a prove that the strictly American philosophy could be implemented without major changes in other cultural environment. Evidently, this was not the case for Euro Disneyland. Another problem is quest awareness of high prices. Disney executives came up with the specific price to be charges for the guest, not taking many factors into considerations which in turn resulted in negative financial results. Another very obvious problem is culture, which is the key element to be considered when Multinational companies want to do business overseas. When it comes to Euro Disneyland, all of the above factors were not taken care for in the necessary extent in the planning concept. In this sense Disney decided for a too optimistic scenario.
4. One of the lessons that the company should

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