Ethics Scrapbook Paper

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As a team we were assigned the project of creating an ethical scrapbook, along with an accompanying paper. So the purpose of this paper is to expand on the information contained within our team scrapbook. More precisely we will be answering a set of four ethical questions, which we as a group have taken the time to sit down and discuss. Our first question and issue discussed deals with the subject "Good Samaritan". As a team we had to decide should all jurisdictions have a "Good Samaritan" law requiring an individual to help another if they are able. With the exception of our dear sweet teammates Richard, this question was a definite no brainier for our team. Without thought or time wasted debating one another, we all agree (except …show more content…
The second part to this question is what laws do we disagree with or would consider violating in order to change. As a whole we are all in disagreement with any law that gives criminals rights, majority tax laws and certain marriage laws that have been currently added. Also the law against certain sex offenders, that state that they must register on the sex offender list. The reason we choose these laws would be, 1. We believe it should be the opposite, once you commit a crime your rights should be taken away. 2. We don't think it is fair to work hard for your money then have the government take a percentage of it. 3. Same sex marriage just should not be allowed and 4. Being charged with consensual sex with a minor does not make you a sexual predator.
Our final question to discuss is: What conditions exist in the various professions (other than Criminal Justice Professions) that contribute to the commission of unethical behavior? As we carefully discussed this issue, we realized that there are just many conditions within too many professions. So we decided as a team to only write about a couple. The common denominator in most unethical behavior is money or sex. For example, in the financial world you have insider trading, stealing from pension funds. In the religious world, the Catholic priest molesting children. In the

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