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Human resource management is a management of a workforce of an organizations. Now it is a good subject for students and a good skill for companies. Both human resource management practices and 'human resource bundles' result to superior outcome for organizations, and human resource management practices have more affect on outcome for organizations than human resource bundles. Some scholars think that human resource management practices have on organizational performance have a positive effects (Arthur JB, 1994). Many large companies use human resource management practices and have some good effect. Although human resource management creates some negative issues for some companies, it is a good model for other companies to follow because it …show more content…
To sum up, human resources management practices refers to improve organizational performance for purpose to have a common value orientation and the guiding ideology of human resource management activities. Human resources management practices consist of the following three factors: Firstly, the human resources management philosophy, it means the way of organization view human resources, what role about human resources in the whole enterprise and how to manage the human resource problems. Secondly, the human resources management activities is the basic components of enterprises human resources management practice, it is the human resources management measures and practices, including human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment, configuration, training, development, performance appraisal and salary. Finally, human resource management system is the practicable of human resources management philosophy and human resources management activities (MA, 1998).

Organizational performance is various, so the meaning of the organizational performance is complex relatively. Organizational performance is completion of a specific goal target, including production, quality standard, productivity and efficiency (MA, 1998). In the natural system mode, organization is regarded as a group to achieve specific objectives, but it also engaged to keep activities as a social unit. Therefor, the organization is not only a kind of method, and it is also a kind of

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