Empowerment in Workplace Essay

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Empowerment in workplace


Empowerment is a buzzword in management field. It is a different form of organization from the traditional hierarchy. Many organizations have applied it into their management. Why is it so popular? what are its advantages? Are there some disadvantages in it? What difficulties it will bring to an organization when applied and what’s the solution? in addition, what is job redesign ? what is the association between it and employee empowerment? These are what this paper will answer below.


2.1 people play a significant role in an organization. people is the core element in an organization. When an organization purchacing its goals, planning, organization, execution and monitoring are
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6. More satisfying work for employees
Employees gain not only money but also self-esteem, trust,respect and achievement from their jobs.
7. Employee competence increases
They have more chances to show their related capabilities
8. Less conflict with managers
Paticipative work redesign give them more freedom to deal with problems without managers’ agreement.
9. Decreased cost to the company
Empowerment makes use of employees potential abilities ,thus the cost of human resource is saved.
10. organizational changes are accepted by employees more easily.
Due to their authority to make decision in a certain area by themselves ,they can minimise the influences caused by organizational changes.

2.7 a “win-win-win” situation
In general, employee empowerment is a “win-win-win” situation: customers benefit from employees, organizations benefit from the employees and the customers, and employees benefit from higher confidence and self-esteem (Fragoso, 1999)
1.For employees:
Empowerment create an active work environment for them. They feel respect,trust,belonging from the organization. They are provided education and training so that their abilities are improved which can increase their confidence and competitiveness in their career life. They can make decisions and solve problems independently, they assume risks, participate and take actions, their potential are maximised. They feel satisfied and self-esteem from their jobs.

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