Ellen Moore Case Study Essay

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Ellen Moore: Living And Working In Korea A female American consultant Ellen Moore has to face different problems working in Korea as a project manager. The Korean project Ellen is managing is month behind schedule. The tensions have arisen between her and her Korean co-manager, and the Korean project director Mr.Song is blaming Ellen for the problems.
There obviously are differences between American and Korean culture. Some of the differences in relation to the Hofstede’s Framework: The Index of Power Distance is much higher in Korea (60; hierarchical society) than in America (40). Korea is considered as collectivistic society (Index of individualism = 18) contrary to very individualistic society – USA (91). The Masculinity Index of
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Some rewards could also be set to give incentives to benefit from the extra work.
But of course, a leader of the project should be assigned. There are several alternatives how the situation of unclear power of authority could be resolved. I will suggest few solutions. One of the possible solutions is that Andrew could take over the management of the team. He has already been working in Korea for the proposal of the project and he has built a good relationship with the locals. His involvement could be the key factor for long business cooperation in the future.
Another possible solution is that Ellen would be assigned to take control of the project and to transfer her know-how to Jack. Jack could be delegating works and coaching subordinates. The power, roles and responsibilities of them should be clearly defined. They both should set up meeting as soon as possible and to discuss the misunderstandings between them before meeting the team. Ellen should make him feel respected but still show how the marketing research project would slow down the speed of the project. Ellen and Jack should set more frequent meetings (at least once a week) to discuss the development of the project and to solve the arising problems together. 3. Could Ellen Moore have done something differently to better manage the project and avoid the personnel problems?
I would like to highlight Ellen as a good example how to deal with such assignment. In my opinion, she made a lot of effort to adapt to

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