Effects Of Revolutions On The Economic Status Essay

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Effects of Revolutions on the Economic Status
I-The British Industrial Revolution (1760-1860) Before the invention of the steam engine in the 18th century, the overall population around world in general and specifically in Great Britain relied mainly on plantation and self-production. The norm was for individuals to cultivate their own plants, create their own foods, weld metal and manufacture necessities that were needed throughout their lives. In some areas, a small shop or two existed where an individual produced various products by hand that were available at a considerable pricey yet limited amount (Revolution, 2009). Upon the invention of the steam engine and the development of a more advanced and stable engines, a revolution ignited in Britain. The revolution that is nor political nor bloody, was more a great transition point from an agriculture nation to a manufacturing one. There wasn’t a specific start for the revolution nor a set date as the technological wave and the influence of engine created a smooth yet rapid switch in the way the market operated. As more people shifted towards working at factories and mass production started shaping the market, various advancements and changes took place that reshaped the way of living people lived (Nardinelli, 2008). The engine was incorporated in different parts of everyday living: transportation, communication and even war. With the development of the engine and the industrialization of Britain’s economy, the…

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