Essay on Effect Of Divorce On Children

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In today’s day and age, divorce between married couples is more common than ever before. The number of causes of divorce could be compared to the number of divorced couples out there in the world. A few of the most common divorce causes would be, lack thereof, financial stability, communication and commitment. All in all, divorces effect children the most. The effects within the child could range from emotional issues to behavioral problems. Children tend to pick up on their parent’s bad habits, so they are most likely to divorce eventually. Children also are likely to attain how the divorce effected their parents. These things include stress, resentment and the child could even develop commitment issues. One of the leading causes of divorce is stated to be due to financial instability. There are countless reasons that could cause this problem and some of them are not avoidable. Money plays a big role in life, if one spouse is laid off the job or is ill and not working much, life can get stressful. This could cause quarrels amongst the couple. Eventually the bills begin to stack and after a few months pass the couple is in debt or losing everything they worked hard for, including the marriage. Addictions such as gambling, tobacco, drug and alcohol use can be others reasons that a couple divorces due to relentlessly spending money with no importance, but vein. In the article by Ron Leiber of the New York Times in 2009, Ron states a surprising statistic: “The odds of a…

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