Economic Growth And Environmental Aspect Essay

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The New Approach to balance Economic Growth and Environmental Aspect
As mention in the above section, Indonesia faces some challenges related to the negative impacts of development to the environment. Government then recognized that it is important to integrate environmental aspect into its development planning and goals. In Indonesia, government introduced green growth framework to create a balance between economic development and environmental aspect. As a subset of green economy, green growth presents an approach to achieve true sustainable development: reduce greenhouse gas emission, create resilience to climate change, increase equity in GDP and wellbeing, create green job opportunity and value the natural resources which have underpinned the success of economic sectors. Green growth concept has grown in a remarkable expansion in recent years which for a long time it was only recognized as the growth of eco-industry (Ernst and Young 2006). Nevertheless, green growth term has extended to the growth of entire economic aspects. Beside influence the growth of economy, it also affects the overall production system (Janicke 2012). In Indonesia, the organization that has a responsibility to mainstream green growth program into development planning is Government of Indonesia and Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). GGGI becomes a part of hybrid team together with government and expert which delivers technical provision, study and capacity building that is consistent with…

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