Economic Changes During The Antebellum Era Essay

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During the antebellum era, several economic changes occurred that impacted the American development, both socially and politically. The nation, during this era, was going through the industrial revolution, which influenced the nation to grow apart due to the north being very industrialized and the south remaining to an agricultural economy. These economic changes impacted both social and political developments because socially, it created gender and education reform, labor unions and politically,caused the Americans to enforce laws that benefitted the economy.

The Industrial Revolution was the move to new assembling procedures in the period from around 1760 to at some point somewhere around 1820 and 1840. This move included going from hand generated techniques to machines, the expanding utilization of steam power, the advancement of machine apparatuses and the elevation of the factory system. The Industrial Revolution also enhanced transportation framework with Principal rivers, roads, and canals. Raw materials and completed items could be moved more rapidly and inexpensively than some time recently. Due to this economic change, where agriculture was the main economy to shifting to an industrialized economy since it was more beneficial to the economy. By the early 1830s, young unmarried women from rural cities in the south became very attracted to the factories being created due to the industrial revolution, especially the Lowell Mills because it was known for having…

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