Essay on Disciplinary Research On Economic Sociology

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Disciplinary Research on Economic Sociology One of the mysterious and critical division of sociological discipline is economic sociology. For the definition of economic sociology, can be simply define as the sociological aspect in applying to economic society, or can be elaborate as the application of reference, models and variables of sociology that primarily focus on the growth, consumption and production of goods and services, according to the Handbook of Economic Sociology (3). The definition I provide here may sounds like economics to some readers, but the economics has many substantial differences from economic sociology and the effectiveness of analysis is narrower compare to economic sociology. Aside from the comparison between economics and economic sociology, the economic sociology has its own methods and advantages in the field; and the theory of its principles changes quite often as I will explain later in the essay. In reviewing the discipline of economic sociology, questions for economic sociology may pop out from this essay, like “how did societies come to be organized around progress, rationality, and science, when for so long they had been organized around tradition, myth, and ritual?”(Chapter 2, Handbook of Economic Sociology). For the purpose of clarification between economics and economic sociology, I will first review the differences among the two and also focus upon the belief and value of economic sociology from multiple foundational sociologists; and…

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