Determinants of Marijuana Use Essay

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Marijuana is a popular and universal drug. It is easily accessible to most people and is the number one illicit drug used in North America. Although the availability and knowledge of this drug is fairly equal for all people in North America, marijuana tends to be more prevalent in teenagers and young adults. Maisto, Galizio, and Conners (2004) reported that "use of marijuana [in young people] was 8.0% among those aged 12-17; 16% among those aged 18-25," as compared to "6.8% among those aged 26-34; and 2.4% among those 35 and older." People of all ages, races, and religions use marijuana and have their own reasons to use it. Young people first try marijuana because of some common reasons. Some teenagers feel pressured by their peers to …show more content…
The glamorization of marijuana in the media is especially a problem among younger people because they are so influenced by celebrities and their lifestyles. Some of these celebrities are role models for teenagers and seeing them use marijuana or talking about the drug may sway some to believe it is perfectly safe and will not harm them. A sense of independence is what many young people strive for. With adolescence comes the need for a life away from parents. It is natural for a teenager to follow their parents' values, but also natural to split away and find their own. This is a behaviour that has been seen throughout time. Some teenagers make the decision to stay away from marijuana, where others make the decision to try it. Some teenagers enjoy the excitement that can follow when participating in something that their parents disapprove of. Young people find different ways to rebel against their parents; either by consuming alcohol, cigarettes or smoking marijuana. Marijuana is a common tool used in rebelling because it is usually viewed negatively by authoritative figures. As most parents usually worry about their children drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, marijuana and other drugs may not be something they are prepared to deal with. Young people are aware that their parents consider using illicit drugs to be more severe than legal drugs. This notion satisfies a teenagers

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