Death in the Story of an Hour Essay

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Traditionally, women have been known as the less dominant sex. They have been stereotyped as being only housewives and bearers of the children. Many interesting characters in literature are conceived from the tension women have faced with men. This tension is derived from men; society, in general; and within a woman herself. Kate Chopin‘s short story, “The Story of an Hour”, focus on a woman’s dilemma near the turn of the 19th century. Contradicting the “normal” or sad assumption of death, “The Story of an Hour” illustrates the significance of death representing freedom. The Story narrates about an hour of Louise Mallard’s life, as she tries to understand, and deal with her feelings of her husbands death. In "The Story of an Hour", …show more content…
When she realizes that her husband is alive, she must die. This is the only way she can win the freedom she was struggling for within herself. She dies because he is alive; he is ultimately responsible for her death. Kate Chopin's theme of this story is to suggest that women are expected to maintain the role that society implies on them. Men are made out to be superior and women are to do what they say and are to serve them. In this story, this fact is what causes Louise to feel the way she does about her husbands death. She is tired of being stuck doing whatever he expects her to do. She looks forward to being independent and free. For one blessed hour, Louise believes her husband dead, and in her own mind she starts rebuilding her future, imagining her infinite possibilities. When her husband arrives at home safe and sound, however, Louise drops dead of a heart attack. Chopin implies It seems more likely that Louise could no longer bear the thought of returning to a life in which she was always the little woman, and never in control. Although the normal assumption of death is supposed to be a sad time, not all situations would support that. Louise would rather be dead than go back to that way of living, and consequently, she dies, and is now

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