Danone - Key Issues Essay

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Groupe Danone is a world leader in the production of diary products being one of the largest dairy food and water produces in the world. With 90,000 employees in 120 countries of the world the company is very much knowledge-intensive and innovation-driven. Growing to become one of the most successful food and beverage companies in the world has not been without its challenges, primarily for Danone this has been successful knowledge management through all levels of the business. Danone’s success lies in the company’s innovativeness when it comes to new and creative ways of transferring knowledge throughout the company coupled with a clear strategy for future growth. Frank
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The Networking Attitude program was launched by Danone in 2002, as a way to circulate good practises and make people in units far from each other share knowledge”. The program consisted of numerous creative social tools to stimulate sharing and use of knowledge (Edmondson et al, 2008 p.8). The largest of these tools was a program run during Danone conferences across the world, called a Marketplace. Facilitators arranged and ran marketplaces and contacted 5 to 10 colleagues about three weeks in advance to mobilise them to act as givers – offering good practises, or solutions to problems. The rest of the participants were to act as takers; managers with problems or issues to resolve. Each participant in the marketplace would dress up in costumes, and the room would be themed around differing concepts, portraying a relaxed and informal atmosphere where by participants hierarchical rank were obscured to help participants overcome inhibitions. Danone ensured that top level management attended all marketplaces to show their commitment in developing a learning organisation (Edmondson et al, 2008 p.9). This method of knowledge sharing has proven to be very beneficial for the company with positive feedbacks given

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