Essay about Cyber Ethics: Rules for Using the Web

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Cyber Ethics:
Rules for Using the Web
We all have heard of ethics. According to Webster's II New College Dictionary (1995), ethics is the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession. As Winn Schwartau (2001) stated "ethics is also about understanding how your actions will affect other people". Cyber-ethics is the ethical decisions we make when using the Internet. We are tasked to use the Internet on a daily basis and we task students to use the Internet regularly, but to use it properly we must adhere to ethics. Ethics is not a law but your moral code. We must know how to avoid plagiarism, know the acceptable use of the Internet, and we must be familiar with Censorship in order to know what moral
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We also have to monitor to see what students are accessing online. Because of the First Amendment, it is hard to censor what is published on the web. Congress did pass legislation requiring Internet blocking technology to block pornographic materials in all public schools and libraries funded through certain federal programs in December 2000 (Federal Censorship). But this does not apply to our homes. There are filtering tools that we can install to help prevent and make sure our children are save when using the Internet. The concerned educator's guide to safety and cyber-ethics says the most extreme types of digital guardians are the surveillance programs such as Spytech SpyAgent or Desktop Surveillance (Crystal, Geide, et al., 2000). These are just a few that can be installed but there are many more to chose from. Whether you use a surveillance program or if you just stay by your child's side you are helping to censor the materials they are viewing. Also to help us with the use of the Internet, you can view the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics on the Computer Ethics Institute website (Crystal, Geide, et al., 2000). In conclusion, we must start teaching cyber ethics to our children at a young age to limit their exposure to possible damaging and incriminating materials on the web. To do this we need to teach them the proper way to cite others works and avoid plagiarism, know the acceptable use of the Internet by learning and following the acceptable

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