Cultivating Trust Essay

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What situation are you facing and what do you want to achieve?
The situation that I am facing is the beginning of a new job in Advertising Design for a local law firm. As with the start of any new job, I need to develop a trusting and credible relationship with my employers to promote a positive and open working environment. I must build on their confidence in me and work towards eliminating any fear or suspicion that they might have in dealing with a new employee. A successful outcome would be fostering a mutually trusting and open relationship with my employers where they know they can rely on me to produce high quality work on time and I know I can trust them to treat me fairly. Over time, we will develop an open relationship and will
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Since I am starting out, there are many opportunities ahead of me to cultivate a trusting relationship and I must build on these opportunities by honouring my commitments and producing high quality work that covers all the specifications of my employer.

What is your action plan?
Given the potential barriers and opportunities outlined above, my action plan to achieve success is as follows. First and foremost, I must honour my commitments and ensure that I do not agree to take on more than I can accomplish at once. I should communicate to my boss in advance if I know that there is an approaching time period in which I will have a lot of school work and therefore will not be able to take on as much work from the company. Also, should the situation arise that there was a miscommunication in the instructions given, I should be honest and take responsibility for the mistake that occurred.
Secondly, I should demonstrate to my employers that I understand them and look out for their interests. If I get to know them better on a personal level, then I can ensure that I am clearly aware of their goals and expectations. In addition, if a fellow employee is having difficulty completing their assignment, then I can pitch in to help them and in so doing demonstrate my flexibility and cooperation to my employers.

Thirdly, I must always be open

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