Essay on Creation Stories of Babylon, Egypt, and Genesis

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Creation myths of Babylon, Egypt, and Genesis

There are many similarities in the Babylonian, Egyptian, and Genesis stories. In all the stories one god creates man and explains how all things on earth come to being. They also set up their calendars and show examples of evil within each story to set up moral rules for man to live by. How do these elements compare between each of these stories?

In the Babylonian myth the God Marduk creates man from the blood of another god Kingu. "Blood will I compose, bring a skeleton into being, Produce a lowly, primitive creature, ‘Man' shall be his name." In Egyptian myth the God Rae creates man and takes this form. In the Genesis story there is only one God, he creates man in the image of
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The Babylonians had the story of Gilgamesh and "the Great Flood of Enlil." In the Old Testament the story of Noah's Ark, where God was made angry and flooded the world. The only difference in the stories I see is in Egypt, where Rae sent a man eating "God lion" down on his people, instead of a flood because he was angry. All these stories are in place so everyone will obey basic laws, like thou shall not kill. And if they did not follow the rules, they would have the wrath of Marduk, Rae, and God.

As you have read in all three religions, one God created man and explained the existence of all things on earth. They all set up the calendars used by their civilizations, which is good in these agricultural societies, for the planning of planting and harvest. They also all set up the moral rules for man to live by in their religions. I see a lot more parallels than there are differences in these stories. So if there really is a God, then Marduk, Rae, and God could be same entity, you

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