Covenant Essay

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Covenant has a central place in the Christian religion. It is a relationship between us and God created by a pledge in which part has defined responsibilities. The type of covenant we are in with God is suzerainty. This simply means that God is our master and we are his slaves. Too many there might be a bad connotation in the master-slave analogy. However, I embrace the fact that god is my master and I am His slave. He will never do anything to harm me, knows my needs, will provide for me, and He loves me unconditionally. That is way different compared to the way slaves were treated by their human masters. There are five aspects of covenant. For the purposes of this paper I am going to be referring to primarily the new covenant that is …show more content…
The final aspect of covenant is the promises God makes to those who are in relationship with Him. In other words this is His defined responsibility in covenant with the elect. In the new covenant it is everlasting life in the kingdom of God. Understanding covenant has helped me define my ministry as a disciple of Christ. It has clarified my understanding of free will and predestination, which shook my faith for awhile until I go in depth on what Paul is really trying to convey in Ephesians when he talks about things which are predestined. I now feel I have a higher evangelistic purpose. It is so much easier for me to relate and convey the gospel to other people who have not accepted Christ yet. Everywhere we go there is a person who God loves and wants them to be in covenant relationship with Him. Two verses I live by are Matthew 28:19 about making disciples of all nations and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The other verse is Malachi 1:11 about His name being great in all the nations. Just reminders of our purpose on the earth! Lastly, understanding covenant has clarified the vision God has for me in being a missionary, going to all the nations to preach His word, and plant biblically sound

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