Essay about Communication: the Art of Keeping a Business Alive

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Communication: The Art of Keeping a Business Alive
Amie Jo Prieskorn

Organization Overview
J C Penney Company, Inc. was founded in 1902 and has grown to be a major retailer, operating department stores in 49 states and Puerto Rico. In addition to department store sales, J C Penney offers a thriving internet sales site at Retail sales include fashion apparel, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics and home furnishings as well as in store services of styling salons, optical, photography and interior design. According to the J C Penney SWOT Analysis, J C Penney “is headquartered in Plano, Texas and employed approximately 116,000 people, including part-time employees, as of February 2, 2013.”(p.3) these figures do not include the
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Preliminary Problem Statement

With the employees once again being threatened with the loss of their jobs, high morale must be maintained at all cost. Management must be as open and honest with all employees in order to end speculation of job, pay and benefit cuts. Now, not every detail can be given to all employees, there is just no need for everyone to know every detail of the reorganization plan, but if there are no state secrets revealed, then the employees should be informed. Open communication I feel is the best way to make sure that employees stay as upbeat and positive about their situation. The more stress that management can relieve, the better it is for employees and customers alike.
It is with this in mind that I would like to pursue how management keeps the line of communication open to employees so that they can stay as upbeat and positive as possible. In retail especially it is important to have a happy work environment. If employees are worried about losing their jobs, then they are not effective at selling their store and therefore could be the cause of the store closing in the future.
I hope to give examples of how positive reinforcement and open communication can help a company’s management team boost the morale of their employees during hard economic times for the company

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