Essay about College And High School- The Workload

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How curious the process of making friends is. The way that one person carefully dances around the words and feelings of another as they feverishly try to figure them out before the other does. With both students hurrying to morph this connection into a friendship before the time runs out. As a community advisor at Pioneer Hall, I have watched this process live many times. With first-year students desperate to make friends even the smallest connection helps peers create friendships. Known colloquially, as "freshman friends," many students ultimately find themselves frustrated and sometimes in the midst of rough falling-outs. However, despite students’ strong distaste for these kinds of superficial relationships, I regularly experience low-attendance at my floor connection events– events specifically designed to help students develop deep friendships. Thankfully through my readings of Big SMALL, I discovered a deeper psychological reason for why students’ desire for meaningful friendship often results in puzzling counter-intuitive behavior.

The biggest difference between college and high school– the workload. By far the most common complaint I hear from my residents that they never have enough time for everything expected of them. Between work, school, and demanding social lives commitments seem to pile up quickly and easily. Naturally then, when I ask my residents to attend these connection events, many of which they designed themselves, I frequently hear that they just…

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