Essay on Cohabitation and Its Effect on Rise in Divorce Rate

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Effect of Cohabitation on the Rising Divorce Rate

The rise of the divorce rate seems to be due to the lack of commitment or understanding of love and longevity in a marriage. Cohabitation can be defined as an arrangement whereby two people decide to live together on a long term or permanent basis in an emotionally and /or sexually intimate relationship (Brannon 2008). Cohabitation is seen as the best way to understand a prospective mate in terms of living and financial stability. Also many couples tend to “slip” into this arrangement without much decision making about it being long term, but tend to just “live in the moment”. The cohabitation of couples whether they be heterosexual or homosexual seems to lack the
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The media and society has become open to the act of cohabitation due to the fact of it becoming another form of representation showing an intimate relationship between two people. And the marriages that are shown on television are usually staged in order for a lucrative gain either or both parties involved. The increase of media and society’s acceptance has caused an extreme increase and the benefits seem to outweigh the negative aspects in the beginning of the relationship. Cohabitation can also be defined as a mental connection between the two partners, considerably for heterosexual couples. During the first six weeks after conception, the hormones differentiate the female and male brain development. Two specific hormones could be a very prominent reason why the divorce rate has risen so extensively. Marriage between heterosexual couples is hard to maintain due to the oxytocin in women and testosterone in males. This hormone catalyzes the need to attach and bonding between couples and makes the need for women to be in a relationship easier and work to keep it. Women are generally correlated as being the backbone of cohabitating relationships because they feel that the effects of the relationship should be long lasting and result in marriage (Williams 2000).

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