Essay about Cobra Snakes

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Snakes are fun to know about. They are scary, poisonous createars that killed many people. And cobras are one of the most famous snakes (Cleopatra used an Egyptian cobra to kill herself). So, I choose cobras to make a research on.
Cobras are venomous snakes of family Elapidae, of several genera. They generally inhabit tropical and desert regions of Asia and Africa. Cobras kill their prey, usually small rodents and birds, by injecting a neurotoxin through their hollow fangs. The King Cobra notably eats other snakes; it feeds almost entirely on other snakes, even venomous ones (ophiophagy). The spitting cobra can also incapacitate larger would-be predators by delivering irritating venom to their eyes. Cobras come in varying colors
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Black-necked Spitting cobra (Naja nigricollis nigricollis)
2. Black Spitting Cobra (Naja nigricollis woodi)
3. Western Barred Spitting Cobra (Naja nigricollis nigricincta) Lenght:
Naja nigricollis nigricollis; This is the largest species and can measure a length of 120 -220 cm but specimens are known to grow up to 280 cm.
Naja nigricollis woodi; This species has a average length of 120 – 150 cm with a max. of 200 cm. Which makes this subspecies a medium size spitting cobra.
Naja nigricollis nigricinta; Is the smallest subspecies of these cobras with a average length of 100 – 120 cm with a max of 150 cm.
Zoological Descriptions:
Naja nigricollis nigricollis; Black-necked spitting cobras are strong build and long cobras the colour can be variable depending on the region of origin. Some specimens are blackish, pale grey from colour with a yellow or reddish ventral side with a broad black neck band, and often do they have a orange or pinkish bar on the neck. Other specimens can be yellowish brown or have a yellow copper colour and are missing the bandings around the neck and also the reddish colour on the belly. Other specimens are known to be deep red-brown from colour, agqain other specimens maybe olive brown or greenish in colour and some of them are often mistaken as the Mozambique Spitting Cobra

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