Chapter 13 Essay

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CHAPTER 13 1-1) Name the 10 habits of a peak performer. 1)practice positive habits create extended learning modifications will help in school and work and in life. Some positive habits and which ones need to change or improve 2) Willing to learn a lot about positive habits by watching others and trying new things. Observing positive things stay connected with motivated people that know how to successful manage their lives. observing people with negative habits learn from there mistakes. 3)Reflect information with contentious involvement with workshops and taking special classes focusing on the ten habits of a peak performer and creating strategies for incorporating them into a everyday practice. experimenting new way of breaking out …show more content…
Knowing that you are developing positive habits takes time 8) Avoiding defeat and resistances and fears. Fear of the unknown, dangers, shame,and overwhelming responsibilities are just some of the hindrances to your progress if you don't focus on positive outcome. 9) Make a commitment. You have to make a commitment to turn your strategies. You have to learn into lasting habits. You have to put your commitment in writing by developing an commitment an written agreement. 10) Live the peak performance the success formula. Learning that success comes from having confidence, setting and picturing your goals, learning skills and behaviors, and patterning yourself. 2)What are three strategies for creating positive change in your life. 2-1) Work on one habit at a time, focusing on success. 2-2) Be resilient and get back on track after setback. 2-3) Observe my progress and make appropriate changes until I achieve the results I want. 3)Why is adaption so critical to job success. My course of action to my career success began the day I started classes. The same habits, attitudes,and personal choices are required for school success are also required for job success. The same strategies in assessing myself,knowing my learning my learning my learning style,thinking critically,creatively solving problems, effectively communicating, and

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