Essay on Cement

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Industrialization and becoming a modern society was key ideology in Russia in order to compete with the other already industrialized countries of the world. Russia was one of the biggest and strongest countries, full of natural resources and not they had fully industrialized. Russian wanted to be like a European country but its identity was completely different from a European country. Russia pushed its citizens to industrialize quickly in order to close the gap and be able to keep up with the already industrialized countries. What the leaders of Russia did not know is that industrialization introduces ideological and philosophical changed in the mind set of people. In order to industrialize a country
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The farm lands were disowned and the factories were shut down. All due to the war effort farmers were turned to sliders died on the battle field and factories which did not create anything productive to the war effort were shut down. In the book Cement the author tells the story of a solider of the red army named Gleb Chumalov who comes back home and see his town falling apart and everyone starving to death he realizes that the decline of the community parallels to the decline and the end of the towns main factory. People are out of work and he takes part in the politics and organizations in order to restart the factory. Geleb is a solider and is used to taking orders but he also knows how to give them. Gleb see the men as seeds that are needed in order to grow a productive factory. Gleb makes several speeches where he says what needs to be done and how it would be done. People are inspired by him and listen to him and get motivated to work. Many plans were devised in order to bring back order and work back into town as stated “Comrades: a terrible economic debacle …formidable crises…a most difficult test of the working class. The liquidation of the military front…All our strength must go to the industrial front. The tenth congresses of the party have drawn up a new economic policy. The proletariats is the only force…revival of the industry of the republic… concessions

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