Essay on Cases on Negotiable Instruments Act

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LIABILITY OF PAYING BANKER WHEN CUSTOMER’S SIGNATURE ON CHEQUE IS FORGED 1. When the customer’s signature on the cheque is forged there is no mandate to the bank to pay. As such a banker is not entitled to debit the customer’s account on such forged cheque.
In Canara Bank vs. Canara Sales Corporation and Others [(1987)2 Supreme Court Cases 666] the company has a current account with the bank which was operated by the Company’s Managing Director. The Company’s account in whose custody the cheque book was, forged the signature of the Managing Director in 42 Cheques totaling Rs.326047.92 over a period of time. This was detected by another accountant. The company immediately on detected of
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The cheque is an uncrossed cheque payable to the plaintiff. The cheque was endorsed by the plaintiff through its Manager. The fact that Jethmall is the Manager is borne out by the seal of the Company which is unquestionable an authentic seal. The seal of the Manager is also equally authentic. That the payment was made in good faith has not been disputed for all practical purposes. There is not a grain of evidence before the Court from which it remotely appears that the payment was not made in good faith. Now that the entire evidence is before the court, the question of onus to prove good faith loses much of its importance. No negligence has been proved against the bank. The defendant bank insisted on identification of Jethmal and Jethmall was in fact identified by Krishanlal Maheswari, a constituent of the bank, the defendant No-3. The defendant bank therefore took all reasonable precaution even though the circumstances in which the cheque was presented for payment did not afford any reasonable ground for believing that Jethmall was not entitled to receive payment of the amount mentioned therein. The plaintiff having failed to prove the trade practice which he alleged and the bank having paid the cheque, in accordance with the apparent tenor of the instrument, in good faith, and without negligence to Jethmall who was

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