Essay about Case Conceptualization

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Identifying Information

Giuseppe is a 14-year-10 month-old, Latino male in the 8th grade referred for counseling through AB3632 from Hollywood Senior high School under the Los Angeles Unified School District. Giuseppe’s school counselor indicates Giuseppe has difficulty controlling his anger towards peers. She also shares that Giuseppe fights with his peers leading to a suspension from school for three days due to fighting. Giuseppe’s mother reports that at home he is very oppositional especially with his father. Giuseppe’s mother has made multiple threats to call the police and have him spend time at Juvenile Hall if the behaviors persist. The counselor and mother, both report that Giuseppe has an attitude problem and frequently
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Giuseppe does not appear to have a good-quality relationship with his father; however, his relationship with his mother is stronger. Giuseppe reports receiving counseling for the past three to four years for his anger problems and concerns about her family. Giuseppe states he remembers being angry a lot in sixth grade, which was around the time he was placed back in his parents’ care. He believes that was when his problems started with fighting. In summation, Giuseppe currently is still getting into fights at school and home. He argues frequently with his brother and parents. Giuseppe indicates he has friends at school and she gets into fights at school with other students. Academically, Giuseppe says is getting A’s and B’s now. Giuseppe’s specific areas of difficulty are in his peer and sibling relationships, which are characterized by fighting, bullying, defiance, taunting, and teasing. He is also acting in ways that are quite obviously attention seeking, such as acting out in-group counseling sessions, and he has poor coping responses to anger-provoking situations.
Behavioral Observations During counseling sessions, several observations were made about Giuseppe, including his appearance. He has a clean and well-kept appearance throughout all sessions. Giuseppe is of average height in comparison with most boys his age and is a little overweight for his height. At every session, he wears baggy jeans with a baggy shirt. He has a shaved head. He has

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