Case 33 – the Casino Industry in 2011 Essay

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Case 33 – The Casino Industry in 2011
Brant Davis

Problem Summary

The Las Vegas and Atlantic City locations have lost revenues in recent years. In addition to the economic slowdown, these gambling locations are also facing new competitors in the market that are providing attractive choices to the customers. Though there are some external forces beyond their control, it seems that attractiveness and accessibility are very important focus areas for these cities.


Using the SWOT analysis, we can get a broad picture of the Las Vegas and Atlantic City locations. Some of the strengths of these two cities are; the variety of entertainment they offer, the accommodations available, the atmosphere delivered, and providing a
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Another alternative is that Las Vegas and Atlantic City could both focus their efforts on the Legislation that has been keeping gambling from being legal online. Though this would require a lot of employed lobbyists, lawyers, and Politians to side with them. The con to that plan of action would that it would be hard to corner the online market so late in the game. Finally, Las Vegas and Atlantic City could focus on what it can offer to the customers that the other locations don’t.


Though gambling is such an important part of their revenue, they should focus even more on bringing the customer in for the experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. This would require even more advertisements that give emphasis to the features of the city, and not just the slot machines. Though the retro rebranding of Las Vegas as “Sin City” seemed like the honest move, they need to make it the place for anyone to come and enjoy. Because Atlantic City has so many people within driving distance, they should focus more on picking families up and bringing them in as well. Often a family will travel on only one major vacation per year. Why not have that location be a city that just happens to have gambling. Additionally, MGM Mirage should be the poster casino for revenue. Las Vegas and Atlantic City have to get further away from the focus of gambling and make

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