Essay on Business Strategies of Oral-B Company

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Marketing Mix

Product Strategy:

Oral-B has produced hundreds of innovative products over the past fifty years. Oral-B

adds imaginative and therapeutic products for use in the professional practice and at home.

Along with Oral-B products the buyer gets not only excellent value, but also quality, innovation,

efficiency, and outstanding customer service. Their product offerings have established them as

the market leader since the 1960's!

To the industrial dental market Oral-B offers 21 products in their current 2002 catalog.

Their is outstanding product depth in their lines as well as many innovative products. The

company offers many children's lines of toothbrushes, as well as oral care products
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This technique

also provides the buying dentist with the vision of getting something for free for buying a

commodity type product.

Oral-B focuses strongly on the buyer during the buying process. Oral-B take a broader

view of supply in the value creation process, which most dentists favour. Oral-B combine

excellent sourcing capabilities and efficient operations which attract their buyers. Positioning of

their products is well used to secure a valued categorization in the mind of a buyer. Some

buyers value economy utmost, some performance, some order process efficiency, and others

after sale service. Oral-B makes sure it focuses on each individual buyers needs, to form a

positive relationship not only in the selling process, but for future relations.

Oral-B is an active participant at dental industry trade shows all over the world. Oral-B

most often has the largest exhibit at trade shows it attends with on site demonstration of its

products, as well as promotional price reductions, and free samples. Oral-B states the main

goals of attendance at trade shows is to strengthen customer relationships, and build further

relationships with trade press (such as major industry magazines like Dentistry Today, and Oral


Oral-B recently has taken part in another booming form of sales promotion,

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