Billabong Marketing Plan Essay

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Billabong International Ltd. Company

Marketing plan



Company History

Billabong is a holding company for an Australian brand of surf wear and extreme sports apparel. The company was established by Gordon and Rena Merchant in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Queensland in 1973 and expanded overseas into Japan, the USA and Europe through licensing agreements with third parties. Billabong sources its products from manufacturers before attaching their specific logos and designs and then distributing the products to its own stores and other retail outlets (Jacksurfboard 2006).

Executive Summary

Billabong has been recognized in Australian and most in European countries for more than 10
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It is clear that generation X and Y is the biggest part of Australia’s population when compares with other segments. Also generation X people almost play the leader role of each Australia’s family that usually move away from their parent when finish their education (Australia's Generations the Definitive Classification 2006).

The size of the sports market is hard to measure because it is a new market. However, it still has opportunity to growth in this market. In 1994-1999, there was a 43% rise in skateboarding and a 57% rise in snowboarding rates in US (Joey 2004). Some products have big percentages such as skateboards, skate shoes and snowboards are sold to generation Y which is the largest young teenage population. Those of the factors are the opportunity to growth up in the future.

Billabong should expand to global market such as Asian market in order to increase sales and find new markets. Because in Australia, there is small population and growth rate is very slow. There was over 70% of Billabong’s totals sales revenue in 2003 when Billabong was expanded. Global expansion has allowed Billabong to lower risk levels through spread of its markets and products. (Billabong Case Study, 2005) Billabong has competitors which are Quiksilver and Rip Curl. Quiksilver is the most dangerous company which has a well promotion and brand name. Billabong can reposition on their brand name and increase the quality of products and service so

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