Bend It Like Beckham Essay

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Over the years, there have been many stereotypes and labels put on Indians. A movie called Bend It Like Beckham was released in 2002 and it touched upon many of these assumptions. The movie uses the life of the main character to create a representation of Indian culture. The plot is based around an Indian girl named Jessminder who has a passion for soccer, but her parents make it very clear to her that they do not want her spending her time on a sport. They want her to get a good education then settle down and have a family. They remind her that her responsibilities are in the kitchen, not out in the soccer field with her friends. They expect Jessminder to find a man to marry and when she does, more problems arise due to the fact …show more content…
Furthermore, their results indicated that husbands and wives in arranged marriages were more satisfied with their marital relationships than were the husbands and wives in the U.S. sample (Myers 2).

It is proven from studies that the belief of Indian parents about arranged marriages being longer lasting and more rewarding is in fact true, but it is the actual act of marrying someone you do not know that scares most Indian children.
Jessminder starts falling for her soccer coach Joe as she gets to know him better. It is clear in the movie that she personally does not completely support arranged marriages and believes that love marriages will work. Seeing her older sister marry a man she fell in love with further assures her that love marriages can work. She knows that she can be happy with Joe but since he is not Indian, the traditions of an arranged marriage would be a lot harder to follow through with. Interracial marriages are something that Indian communities are still struggling with today. Although they are more common now than they have ever been, Indian parents still have a hard time with the initial news. Their first concerns tend to be, “Would they fit into their Indian American extended family? Would they be able to fully embrace Indian culture? How would they cope with the cultural and language barriers?” (Ramachandran)
Jessminder and her coach, Joe, fall for each other and she wants to be with him.

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