Essay on Beauty Parlour -- Case Study

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Due to the advent of small-size and low-cost computers as well as the rapid advancement of communications technology, computers have enabled management to fit information technology (IT) to the organization needs. In the commercial sector, information provided by computers is increasingly being used in decision making at all levels, but the dissatisfaction is often reported by the users. In order to solve the problem, decision support systems (DSS) are used personally by managers on an everyday basis in direct support of decisions. Along with artificial intelligence (AI) and expert systems (ES) occurred, conflict is existed between AI approach and algorithmic approach. In practice, it is hard to distinguish clearly which
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An expert system is a computer program that simulates the judgment and behavior of a human or an organization that has expert knowledge and experience in a particular field (website:,,sid9_gci212087,00.html).

Whatever the definition is, the most important point came from these definitions is that the expert system is essentially looking for patterns in complex dynamic phenomena that have proved to be beyond standard quantification techniques. For example, in Beauty Parlour, if a staff accepts an order from customer, but unfortunately, due to some personal reasons, this staff cannot provide a treatment to this customer on time, then, expert system will give some suggestions based on the past experience to the customer or the manager, and the result will be sent to the decision maker. Finally, the decision for customer¡¯s order changed by the decision maker will be sent to the customer and the Server as a backup. Flexibility in expert system is proved by the discussion above.

3 Algorithmic solutions
As we can see, the meaning from the term ¡°algorithmic¡± is to solve the problem following a definable sequence of steps. It is based on a settled mathematic algorithm. Along with the data inputted by the user, system will automatically search algorithmic rules and analyzes or distills

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