Essay on Atlantic City And Its Impact On The City

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Atlantic City, in modern times, is regarded by many to be a failing city. However, as its rather famous status suggests, the city was not always so bad. At one time, economic forces like tourism propelled the city to amazing heights. The city’s infrastructure, community, and industries all lead to a bustling economy. The condition of the city is not a random draw, of course; it has ups and downs that correlate with the success of its economy. Seemingly, the level of economic success that the city experiences can only be explained by the spontaneous decisions of customers to spend time and money in the city. However, during Atlantic City’s prime in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, beneath the surface level, other forces were at play. These forces were a bit shady and less than legal, but actually were the main driving force behind Atlantic City’s rise. The correlation between illegal economic forces and the success of the city are quite staggering, in fact, to the point where one could say the businesses relied on them for subsistence. The ambitious people behind the rise of Atlantic City were able to breed success in a manner that was effective for the time period, but the instability of the underground activity that the city relied upon led to moral ambiguity, and soon thereafter, the downfall of the once-great city. Shady practices in the realm of illegal alcohol, political corruption, and gambling were an extreme necessity for the continued success of the…

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