Essay Asperger's Syndrome

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Asperger's Syndrome Today there are many different types of disabilities and syndromes. When you have a child to be diagnosed with a disability or a syndrome life can suddenly become overwhelming. This is especially true if they have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Parents sometimes feel guilty because their child has a disability or syndrome. Parents may feel that they are responsible for their child's disability or syndrome. Parents may feel guilty about their child being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome since it is a neurological disorder. This particular syndrome is not widely recognized by the general public. Since Asperger's Syndrome is not widely recognized by the general public, the public sometimes may not …show more content…
There are two new rating scales one developed in Sweden and the other was developed in Australia (Attwood 1998). The second stage is to have a diagnostic assessment done by an experienced clinician in the behaviors and abilities of children with developmental disorders, using established criteria that gives a clear description of the syndrome (Attwood 1998). According to Attwood (1998) there is no universal agreement as to which diagnostic criteria to use. At the present time clinicians can use four sets of criteria. According to Rubin and Laurent (2004) there is a curriculum-based assessment called SCERTS Model. The SCERTS Model was designed to provide a specific purpose for educational planning (Rubin and Laurent, 2004). Because there are no universal diagnostic criteria and finding an experienced clinician who specializes in Asperger it can be a challenge for parents to get the right diagnoses for their child. According to Tsatsanis, Foley, and Donehower (2004), there has been greater interest in achieving an understanding for the needs of children with Asperger syndrome. Due to the fact there has been a greater interest in Asperger syndrome there might finally be a universal diagnostic criterion. Asperger's syndrome is a relatively new term for parents and school systmes. In the past it was rare to have a child diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome or even autism. Since Asperger has become an official disorder there have been more children diagnosed

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