Essay on Are We Born Good or Evil

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Since the beginning of time, our mere existence has created a number of questions we cannot seem to forget nor answer. Where did we come from? How was the universe created? What is our purpose? Are we innately good or bad? Assumptions, theories, evidence, faith, and science have all been used to try to answer these questions accurately. Specifically the question whether we are born good or bad will be addressed. Locke says that we are born good with a blank slate. Whatever we learn and how we learn it from society is what fills the slate. However Hobbes believes that we are born bad and because of this we need a ruler to control that attribute with fear of punishment. I believe that Hobbes is right in the sense that we are born …show more content…
Thus all of us are forming the ideas of right and wrong together. Think of a child playing with other toddlers. He grabs the toy form the little boy who begins to cry. The mother yells at the child and says you need to share your toy with the little boy. When the child asks why, she responds telling him because it is the right thing to do. Who is creating the idea of right in his head? It is much easier to perform evil then good. It is not to say that once one understands the idea of good, they will not try earnestly to do right. Yet, the selfish idea is the one that comes first: how can I get out of trouble? How can I benefit from this? What will affect me the least? Yet we have trained ourselves to think before we follow through with these decisions. Showing the good that also exist in humanity. We will quit our jobs, because we see another employer being treated unfairly. Even though this action will not benefit us, rather harm us. With that, I do not believe that humanity is evil and never performs good. Humanity is evil along with good. Evil reigns because of the instinctual, but good can overcome it if desired. My argument is based off of a Christian up bringing, although I am not completely following an “original sin” explanation of how we are born. Yet, I do believe that the Bible, whether true or not, will always be an excellent cornerstone for the morals every human should strive to possess. The question of

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