Animal Farm And Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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The Burning Truth

Both Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451 are fictional novels in which a dystopian society exists. These societies were both created by a “central government”. When citizens of these societies fail to stand up and protect their rights, authority figures will keep increasing their level of aggressiveness until it ruptures the society. When the authorities in these novels abuse their power, it fractures the society and greatly increases corruption.

Orwell and Bradbury both did a tremendous job in developing the characters and the overall setting to help the reader understand the important message of the story. In Animal Farm, the animals may be animals, but in another reality of the story, they represent humans and ideas in a society. The animals can lie, manipulate, and train other animals to their own advantage as humans do. The consequences of lying, manipulating, and taking advantage of others, are destructive.

There is the brutal “dictator”, Napoleon who always got his way. He used propaganda and terror to intimidate the animals, until they could not resist. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” (Orwell, 43). This was the final change to the animal’s Seven Commandments. This was the ultimate example of how the pigs were controlling the remaining animals. The first part of the quote makes it seem like all animals are equal, creating a positive view of the commandment. It is yet to be known that the end of the quote implies…

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