Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' I Would Never Leave You Guys '

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“Me either” Zayn agreed.

“Same” Harry added, through gritted teeth.

“I could never join them” Niall said. “And I would never leave you guys. Besides I just really want to get out of here.”

“Then I guess it’s settled. None of us will join the Fearsome Five” Louis remarked, “I wonder how they will take the news.”

“Pretty well actually” Justin commented from across the room. He must have teleported back into the room when the lads weren’t looking “Did you really think we would let you have time to yourself and not spy on your conversation? You guys are too innocent and naive.”

Justin whistled loudly, signaling for the others to come back in. “You were right Josh, they said no” Justin said to his friend.

“I knew they were too stupid to accept our offer” Josh laughed.

Liam put his arms out protectively, getting himself ready to fight. “Calm down” Katy pleaded “as we said no fighting today. Today was just a meeting, the real battle will begin soon.”

“Why don’t you seem upset by us not joining your team?” Niall questioned, speaking up for the first time tp the Fearsome Five.

“Omg it speaks” Ed mocked, getting a laugh from Taylor. “We were growing bored. No one has ever stood a chance against us during a fight. We know about the stupid Freedom Fighters. They aren’t a challenge or threat to us. One final showdown before we kill off the remaining resistance will be a satisfying end to the takeover of Earth.”

“You’re sick” Louis remarked “Earth isn’t some toy.”

Ed rolled his…

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