Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' I 'm Sorry '

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“I’m sorry, Alyson,” he whispered hoarsely into her ear. His hand gripped the back of her head, forcing her to look him in the eye. “It’ll never happen again, sweetheart –I promise.”
She looked down to avoid his desperate gaze. The bruises were already leaving unsightly purple reminders along her aching arms.
“It’s just, you make me crazy sometimes,” James continued. “When I saw him looking at you like that, like you were his…”
Alyson shuddered, knowing exactly what he would say next. She’d heard it a million times before.
“I just get so jealous when I see other men around you. You’re so beautiful, and I don’t deserve you. If you ever left me...” his voice trailed off into a sob.
Without warning James’s face reddened and his polished fingers gripped her shoulders once again. “He’s our neighbor, for Christ sake! I should have never agreed to let you accompany me to his cookout. I’ve seen the way you two look at each other. Like you wish I wasn’t there.” He gave her a violent shake “You will never leave me, Alyson,” He spit out, “I won’t let you.”
Alyson cringed as his anger climaxed once more. Suddenly he pushed her, her head thudding as it hit the textured kitchen wall. “Please James,” she begged, hating herself for sounding so frightened.
“Please, James,” He mocked. With one hand around her throat, he thrashed his finger in her face, “You like the attention from him, don’t you?” He screamed.

Alyson shook her head in protest “No, James. It wasn’t like that. You have to…

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