Analysis of Hunger of Memory and Self Essay

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While I read "The Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez", there were tons of ideas that struck me. It was very interesting because so many of the different parts could relate to my life. Also, given his story, it's so interesting to me that he is against bilingual education, having benefited from it in his own life. To me, it places the book in a different light as I read it. This book is a narrative and it is telling in how his opinions were formed because the experiences that he had. In the narrative, the themes that I thought were most important were Rodriguez's experience of separation from his family, his feelings of personal alienation and finally assimilation into American society because he had to break away from …show more content…
I do not know how many times I've had to serve as a translator for people in my family. Now, as I think about it, the frustration that I have with it is that there are people in my family that have been in the US for over twenty years, and they could not be bothered to learn the language. I think that shows the resistance to assimilate more than anything in my family. Maybe it is because I have assimilated and I was born here that I am bothered by this.
In the last section of The Hunger of Memory "Mr. Secrets", Rodriguez tries to explain his parents' distinction between public and private life. He starts this by mentioning his mother's disapproval over the inclusion of private family issues in his autobiography. My family is the same way, my parents did not deal with things that happened outside the home but instead waited until we arrived home. We were note supposed to talk about our private lives to outsiders because in essence, it was none of their business. As I read this I began to think it must be a part of the traditional Latino culture because the same thing was occurring throughout the narrative. It was so funny when Richard Rodriguez showed how his mother actually had a separate and distinct voice for dealing with strangers that was never used with family. My mother does the same thing, even when she answers the phone her voice

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