Adoption Research Paper

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Open Adoption: A Growing Trend in the U.S. In the last four decades, the concept of the American family has undergone a radical transformation, reflecting society¡¯s growing openness. Among all segments of society, there is a greater acceptance of a variety of family structures ¨C from single parenting to blended families to same sex parenting of children. The introduction of openness into the process of adoption offers new opportunities for children in need of a parent or parents and prospective parents wishing to create or expand their families. Meeting the requirements to become eligible to adopt no longer means being constrained by the conventions of an earlier generation. As defined in Children of Open Adoption by Kathleen Silber …show more content…
It is about making a lifelong commitment ¨C and it isn¡¯t easy. No lifetime commitment is easy and this one, that brings to the fore our roles as parents ¨C whether by adoption or biology ¨C is one of the most sensitive and complex. (, par. 4¨C7) Below are some of the common pros and cons of open adoption.
¡ñ There is less pain and guilt for the birth mother to endure because she knows that her child is in a better environment than she could¡¯ve provided
¡ñ The adoptive parents are ecstatic about being chosen as a parent
¡ñ The child has more attachment to the family that they¡¯re in because they know that they¡¯re birth parent is there and didn¡¯t completely desert them.
(Pros and Cons of Open Adoption, Par. 2)
¡ñ The birth parents might feel the pressure to choose open adoption so they won¡¯t feel as guilty about the choice they made.
¡ñ Sometimes the adoptive parents feel obliged to let the birth parents stay in contact with the child because they feel they owe it to the mother for giving up the child.
¡ñ If the contact stops the child might feel unwanted and rejected because of the birth mother¡¯s decision to not interfere with the adoptee and the new family. In general, as the growing trend in open adoption indicates, the positive aspects of open adoption outweigh the difficulties. (Pros and Cons of Open Adoption par. 2)
Every child is a blessing and every child deserves a

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