Abortion, The Intentional Of A Human Pregnancy Essay

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What is abortion? According to Google, abortion is, “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.” Most people know what abortion is, and what abortion does. But what they don’t understand is what happens before, during, and after the abortion. Not just what happens to the baby, or fetus, but what the mother of the aborted child experiences also.
A woman can undergo the abortion processes at six weeks pregnant. At five weeks, the fetus’ heart starts beating. Most pro-choicers would argue that the heartbeat isn’t a symbol of life. Although, if a man was found lying on the ground unconscious, someone 's first reaction would be to check his pulse. If a slight beat is detected, the victim would be considered alive. The difference of “opinion” is what approves abortion as legally and morally right. Why does an abortionist have to use deadly poison, and knives that puncture a skull, or scissors to cut a fetus’ life supply in order to “terminate” something that had no life to begin with. Most would argue that it’s not alive because it 's depending on the mother to remain alive. But the mom also is depending on her heart, and the air around her to survive. Is the women also not alive? Millions of innocent babies are murdered each year because of the ignorant denial of life.
Approximately one million and two hundred thousand abortions are performed each year in America alone. That’s three thousand babies killed a day…

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