Essay on Abortion : Pro Life

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Todd Van Dyke
Miss Raymond
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15 December 2014

Abortion: Pro Life
We have all heard the well-known fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. Imagine if you were Hansel or Gretel and were living through a harsh famine with your family. Your family is poor and food is so scarce that there is not enough for everyone. One night you overhear your mom and dad talking about leaving you in the woods to die. They make the decision to do this because they can only provide food for themselves. How would it make you feel if your own parents were trying to take your life away? Wouldn’t you want to have some say in whether you were going to live or not? Well every day 3,000 unborn babies don’t. Our nation has been debating the topic of abortion for the past 40 years. People for abortion have shifted the focus onto the idea that because it is the woman’s body then it is her choice. But this deviates the debate from what it truly is. Abortion is the killing of innocent human life and should be deemed illegal; if committed the penalty against it should be the same as murder.
There are four main types of procedures one can choose to abort a baby. The first is known as Suction Aspiration. This method of abortion can only be done in the first trimester of pregnancy. During this procedure, a hollow plastic tube (with a knife like edge) is inserted in the womb. Suction then tears the baby’s body into pieces, the placenta is cut from the uterine wall, and everything goes out the plastic…

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