Essay about Abortion : Murder Or Murder?

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Abortion: Murder? In modern times, more people are trying to justify their wrongs as rights. Nobody wants to take the blame for doing something that is clearly morbid. The government also tries to help people out by saying that it is okay now to do certain things. One of those things is abortion. It is one of the most common medical procedures today. Some say that the fetus is just a blob of tissues, but others are proving that a baby is living even when in the womb. When a woman becomes pregnant, one of the first things that happens when she goes to her doctor is an ultrasound. This confirms that the woman is going to be a mother and shows the future mama how her baby is developing. An ultrasound also shows how the baby is growing and developing. The baby’s heart begins beating after 5 weeks in the womb, and at 6 weeks it begins pumping blood. Some will argue that the baby has no brain yet, so he or she doesn’t have thoughts yet. But, if a living human were to go brain dead now, then that person would be hooked to a machine to keep him or her alive. Even though this is true, so many people believe that this fact does not give the baby a right to life. In the United States, abortion is legal until a woman is twenty weeks along. But, if a baby was born premature at twenty weeks, then there is a possibility that it could still live. There was a report of a European baby was born at 21 weeks and was extremely healthy. If this is possible, then why do people think it should…

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